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It's rare that I find myself in a position where I sit back and wonder "how the hell did I wind up here".

About a year ago now, I had the opportunity to write a few songs with my buddy Jason Gantt and new friend Keb'Mo' for his upcoming record. If that wasn't cool enough, Vince produced it, and Darius Rucker sang with Keb'Mo' on it. When Kevin asked me to be a part of his residency at the Country Music Hall of Fame, I couldn't say no. The day my parents moved me to Nashville, Vince was the very first person I met-- at a gas station in Green Hills-- so this was sort of a full circle moment for me. It's ALMOST enough to make you think 16 years of hard work is FINALLY beginning to pay off. Regardless, whatever it is, I'm having a blast doing it. I can think of a million different reasons why I shouldn't have ended up here. I don't know much about God, but according to my own story, I can tell you this much: He shows a lot of mercy.

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