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Jason Nix's Latest EP
Money On You

With Money On You, Nix lets the songs themselves — hook-heavy originals about life, love, and all points in between — take the wheel. "Then You Love a Woman" is an anthemic salute to the rush of a new relationship, while the title track is a swaggering combination of rhythm, roots, and rock, influenced by the old-school southern rockers whose music Nix discovered as a teenager in Mississippi. Rooted in organic performances and sharp songwriting, Money On You isn't just a record about where Nix is going; it's about where he's been, too.

Money On You is the culmination of Jason Nix's due-paying past, strengthened by his years as a hard-touring road warrior and in-demand songwriter. There's a strong emphasis on the camaraderie of Nix's band — an importance placed upon the honest, human sound of multiple musicians playing together, relying on organic performances (rather than studio trickery) to pack a punch — and Nix's writing has never been stronger, with lighthearted songs like "Drunk Tonight" adding perspective to weightier, thought-provoking moments like "Preacher in a Bar." Money On You is the latest chapter in Nix's unfolding story, with songs that are every bit as striking as the landscapes that fly by the window of his 1971 Chevelle.

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