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    Where many artists find the road winding, long and lonesome, Jason Nix finds himself right at home.


    His peace is on a bus or van, or behind the wheel of his custom restored 1971 Chevelle on a long stretch of blacktop, with the windows rolled down and the constant lull of a humming engine drowning out the noise around him.


    This is the soundtrack to Nix’s life and the essence of his artistry.


    He’s built for the road—a bit of a lone wolf and a real man of the highway, whether it’s heading to the next town on tour or cruising with no real destination at all.


    Having traveled the country for five years as a lead guitarist for other touring acts, Nix has been through the ropes. He’s done the daily grind, packing up shows at 3AM on Nashville’s Lower Broadway just to drive all night to the next city for a gig. Radio promo tours, shaking hands, sleeping in vans, playing a show and then loading up and doing it all over again night after night, all from a close distance just far enough to keep him from his rightful place: center stage.


    But now, it’s his turn to step into the spotlight with a brand of music that could only be his.


    Much like that love for classic cars, music is in his blood. Nix was destined to share his proud bluegrass-picking father’s passion and talent and to chase down the dream with a fire until he’d not only satisfied his father’s legacy, but also began his own.


    It’s a legacy hard won on never compromising and never giving up; on staying true to yourself and what you feel; of not only acknowledging the hard times and the human condition, but also of celebrating them. This is the very foundation of his earnestly crafted and emotive songs that cut right to the bone.


    Like the Chevelle he spends his time off the road restoring, Nix knows life is a glorious work in progress, and perhaps the ability to see the potential in bare bones is his greatest gift as a writer and artist.


    “I just want to write things that are real to me and say things that people don’t know how to put into words,” he said. “What I want more than anything is to give people a way to feel something they didn’t know how to feel.”


    He wants his music to speak the truth.


    “The truth doesn’t really make money,” he wisely observed. But it’s needed. And he knows that and refuses to give up on it.


    “You can’t always make people hear it, but I plan to try.”

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